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Clear + Brilliant

Think of Clear + Brilliant® as the more easygoing little sister of traditional laser skin resurfacing treatments. It removes skin imperfections with little to no downtime, and is often called the “baby Fraxel.” Clear + Brilliant is a patient favorite for correcting hyper-pigmentation and melasma. It also gives you smoother skin and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores.

While you’ll see immediate glowing effects after your first treatment, for optimal results we recommend 4-6 treatments over 6 months.

  • For maximum results, get a Spa Radiance Super Duper facial immediately prior to your Clear + Brilliant treatment, or up to two days before. It includes microdermabrasion and helps to prime your skin for your Clear + Brilliant treatment.
  • Avoid any unprotected sun exposure for two weeks prior to your treatment. Also discontinue any artificial tanning including spray tans and tanning creams. You should not be tanned or sunburned while getting your Clear + Brilliant.
  • Wait two weeks after getting a dermal filler or Botox/Dysport treatment.
  • One week before your Clear + Brilliant treatment, stop using products that contain Retin-A or retinoids, exfoliating agents (glycolic acid, alpha or beta hydroxyl acid) or abrasives.
  • Medications:
    • If you have a history of cold sores or herpes, you may wish to start an anti-herpetic medicine or L-Lycene 48 hours before treatment, and continue using it for 7 days post-treatment.
    • Do not take Accutane within 6 months or antibiotics within 7 days of your treatment, as these increase photosensitivity. If you are taking oral steroids, discontinue use one week before treatment.
    • Use of aspirin, ibuprofen, or other anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning medications within 24 hours of your treatment may increase the risk of bruising.
    • Please consult your physician before discontinuing use of any medication.
  • Do not wear perfume to your appointment on the area being treated.
  • Your Spa Radiance nurse may recommend that you use SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense serum, a melanin suppressant, the month before your treatment. Please adhere to the recommended usage instructions before and after treatment.
  • If you are pregnant, we recommend abstaining from all laser treatments.
  • For maximum comfort, book our free numbing service 30 minutes prior to your treatment.

After your Clear + Brilliant treatment, your skin is delicate and going through a dynamic cell regeneration process. It is important to nourish the healthy new cells and protect your skin from sun, chemicals and bacteria. We recommend a special skincare routine for the first 10 days after your Clear + Brilliant, using nothing on your skin except products in the Product Recommendations section below. These products have been specially designed to support the natural healing process your skin is going through.

  • For maximum results, we recommend an LED light therapy treatment immediately after your Clear + Brilliant, then every other day for 10 days. This stimulates healthy cell growth. After this, we recommend a monthly LED maintenance treatment.
  • For 24 hours avoid hot tubs, hot showers, and exercise. These dilate your blood vessels, which may decrease the effectiveness of your Clear + Brilliant treatment.
  • You may experience a mild to moderate sunburned feeling, redness or irritation for the first 2-3 days. Cold packs can be applied for swelling during the first 24 hours. You may apply topical 1% hydrocortisone cream once a day on clean skin to reduce any redness or irritation. You can safely take over-the-counter pain or anti-inflammatory medication.
  • It is critically important that you protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to prevent sun-induced brown discoloration of your skin. Apply it 30 minutes before stepping foot outdoors, and reapply every two hours if you are going to be in the sun (even just walking from the house to the car).
  • Do not use exfoliating agents or abrasives for 7 days. You may book a Spa Radiance Peptide Boost facial on Day 11 to remove the dead skin cells and reintroduce deep nutrients.
  • If your skin is broken or blistered, please call so we can schedule you in with a nurse.
  • Wait two weeks before getting a dermal filler or Botox/Dysport treatment.
  • On Day 11 you can return to your normal skincare routine. If your routine is not producing healthy, glowing skin, we recommend a skincare consultation with Angelina Umansky, the founder of Spa Radiance.
  • For maximum results, we recommend a series of 4- 6 treatments. If you are treating just your face, we recommend a treatment once a month. If you are also treating your neck and chest, we recommend every 6 weeks.
  • While Clear + Brilliant shows results in a single treatment, it typically takes 4-6 treatments to reach desired results, especially if treating pigmentation concerns. In some cases, such as melasma, more treatments may be required.
  • We recommend purchasing a package for extra savings.
  • We highly encourage you to make your next appointment before you leave, to stay on an optimal schedule.

After your Clear + Brilliant treatment, your skin is delicate and going through a dynamic cell regeneration process. It is important to nourish the healthy new cells and protect your skin from sun, chemicals and bacteria. We recommend a special skincare routine for the first 10 days, using nothing on your skin except the products below. These products have been specially designed to support the natural healing process your skin is going through.

  • Gentle Cleanser: Rhonda Allison Foaming Peptide Cleanser, Biologique Richerche Lait VIP02 or Neocutis Gentle Cleanser
  • Moisturizer: Biologique Richerche Masque Vernix, Neocutis Bio Crème Riche, Neocutis Aftercare
  • Growth Factor: BioSerum Firm, SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum®
  • Lighteners: SkinMedica Lytera 2.0®, Biologique Richerche Serum Pigment 400, or Valmont Clarifying Infusion
  • Retinol: Luzern Retinol Night Repair Cream or SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.5
  • Sunscreen: Journee, SkinCeutical Physical Fusion, Jan Marini Physical Protectant SPF 45, or any Coola Sunscreen Product designed for the treatment area
  • NEOCUTIS Post Procedure kit (BioCream, Aftercare, Journee)

What does Clear + Brilliant laser do?
Clear + Brilliant reduces hyperpigmentation and improves skin tone and texture. It helps prevent the signs of aging, soften fine lines, and minimize the appearance of pores. A single Clear + Brilliant session can leave your skin feeling softer and smoother and give you that “radiant glow” that comes from healthy, youthful skin. A series of treatments delivers the most dramatic results.

How does Clear + Brilliant work?
Clear + Brilliant is a laser resurfacing facial treatment that uses pulsating beams of light to exfoliate away layers of skin to reveal a smoother, clearer complexion. It uses the same technology as Fraxel®—just not as intense.  Unlike Fraxel, it has little to no downtime. Clear + Brilliant works by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin. New, healthy tissue then replaces the damaged skin. This yields younger-looking skin.

What can you expect during a typical Clear + Brilliant Treatment?
Your Spa Radiance nurse will gently guide the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the target area and actively treat your skin for approximately 30 minutes.

Prior to your treatment, we apply topical numbing to the treatment area. During your treatment, you may experience some slight discomfort with a warming sensation. A special cooling system blows cool air on the treatment site, which lowers the temperature of your skin and greatly reduces discomfort. The treatment is generally well tolerated.

A topical antioxidant serum might be applied to the skin immediately after treatment. A refreshing bio-cellulose mask may also be applied for 10–15 minutes after treatment.

When will I see results?
The results of Clear + Brilliant treatment are both immediate and progressive. Within a week or two after your first treatment, your skin will start to feel softer, look brighter and show more of an even tone.

Glamour magazine

“I’ve probably interviewed 100-plus dermatologists, and besides good daily skin maintenance (including, yes, sunscreen), they all believe in the power of a reset—a pore-clearing acid peel, a series of brightening IPL treatments, or skin-tightening laser resurfacing sessions. My latest thing is Clear + Brilliant. I’ve done a few sessions recently under the recommendation of Ellen Marmur, M.D., and suddenly I no longer need to wear foundation. My pores look smaller, my brown spots are more like beige spots, and my skin is just glowier overall. I’m recommending it to everyone I know.” —Ying Chu, executive beauty director