Referral Program | Spa Radiance Medical | San Francisco Med Spa

Has Spa Radiance Medical helped you look & feel your very best? Share it with friends!

Our Refer-A-Friend Program is designed to show how much we appreciate your loyalty and referrals.

How it works:

When your friend comes in for their first treatment, we take $100 off their bill, and we put a $100 gift card into your account. For every friend you refer, you get $100 and they get $100!

To qualify, follow these simple rules:

  1. The referred client (your friend) has never been treated at Spa Radiance Medical
  2. When they book their appointment, the referred client tells us they were referred by you, and the name they give us matches to your account
  3. The referred client spends at least $300 on their first treatment with us

YOU GET: A $100 Spa Radiance Medical gift card, good for 6 months

THEY GET: $100 off their first treatment

For every new friend you successfully refer, you get another $100 gift card! When we put the $100 gift card into your account, we’ll call you with the good news.