Reinvent The New You With CoolSculpting

Excess fat can call attention to all the wrong features, and may stubbornly stick around – even if you’ve successfully lost weight. Want to re-sculpt those stubborn problem areas of your body? If you’ve found Spa  Radiance Medical, chances are you already know that going “under the knife” isn’t your only option for reinventing your look and getting the slimmer, trimmer silhouette you’ve been seeking. Fellow San Francisco residents have looked through our CoolSculpting before and after photos and made the choice for themselves: now it’s your turn to get the impressive results you deserve through our revolutionary fat freezing process.


What Areas of the Body Can Benefit from CoolSculpting?

The technique used in the CoolSculpting process is extremely focused, enabling our skilled Spa Radiance team to zap fat away with incredible accuracy. Because it works by freezing your unwanted fat cells without damaging the healthy, useful cells around them, it’s ideal for many previously hard-to-treat areas of the body.


The stubborn fat that accumulates around the midriff has traditionally been one of the hardest areas to treat with body contouring methods. Thankfully, the CoolSculpting process works very well for this area: essentially, the more fat accumulation in the treatment area, the better the results. As many patients tend to carry their weight around the navel and just below, the treatment device is passed over this area to help with contouring.

Flank / “Love Handles” / “Muffin Top”

The unsightly padding along the hips and lower waist can alter the way that your clothes fit and how you feel about your appearance.  Adjust your silhouette with CoolSculpting, which freezes the fat in these areas and skims them down into a more appealing contour.

Inner Thighs & Outer Thighs

You naturally want to look your best, whether you’re wearing a skirt, swimsuit or tights. CoolSculpting has proven to be successful with helping clients trim the areas around their thighs so that they get a tighter and firmer look in a few short treatments.

Chin / “Double Chin” / “Submental Fat”

Want to put your best face forward all the time? It’s easy to do when you use our CoolSculpting technique to freeze your fat around your face and neck. A newly developed paddle helps us administer the procedure to your chin so that we’re able to target the unwanted double chin.  You’ll feel better when you look in the mirror, and in many cases, even look younger!

After our CoolSculpting treatment works to freeze your fat, these frozen fat cells die off and are absorbed and processed through your body, leaving you with visible slimming results in only a few short visits to our medical spa in San Francisco. This comparatively fast procedure is completely non-invasive, works quickly and is an excellent option for any patient that wants to contour and slim without the hassles and risks of surgical fat removal procedures.


Is CoolSculpting Effective?

If the Coolsculpting before and after photos and stories aren’t enough to make up your mind, consider this: the FDA approved CoolSculpting for cosmetic procedures in 2010, and in the 6 years that have followed, thousands of patients have discovered the powerful results and easy treatment experience for themselves. Depending on a few different variables in each patient (such as treatment area), there could be as much as a 20% visible loss in fat in your very first visit! Don’t put up with the lumps, bumps and discomfort of unwanted fat in your abdomen, thighs, neck and hips any longer – you deserve to look your best, and we’re ready to make that happen!

Ready to join the CoolSculpting revolution? Contact our San Francisco medical clinic today to make an appointment with the Spa Radiance team. Our caring staff will assess your needs and determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.  Contact us today!