The Inside Scoop from Dr. Khidekel on CoolSculpting®


Why Does Spa Radiance Offer CoolSculpting® as a Service?

CoolSculpting® gives us the ability to rid clients of stubborn areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise. This is accomplished without the dangers associated with invasive surgical procedures. At Spa Radiance Medical Spa in San Francisco, we use a holistic approach to enhance the beauty and confidence of our patients. Coolsculpting® allows us to address areas of concern and provide remarkable results* that were previously unattainable.

Why is CoolSculpting® Beneficial for Clients in San Francisco?

CoolSculpting® works! The procedure relies on a process called Cryolipolysis™ that freezes and removes fat cells without damaging surrounding structures. Clients can potentially experience a 20-25% decrease of stubborn fat in treated areas after only one visit.* There is no downtime and a slimmer and more contoured shape is revealed over a period of three weeks to four months.

What Should Patients Considering CoolSculpting® Know about Staff Training?

Spa Radiance has 5 medical personnel that are certified to perform the CoolSculpting® treatment. All have attended CoolSculpting University, a training seminar put on by Zeltiq, the company responsible for CoolSculpting®. In addition, all trained personnel have received ongoing training for at least 20 hours on site prior to being approved to perform CoolSculpting®. Spa Radiance CoolSculpting experts receive additional training every 3 months. As CoolSculpting® evolves in the future, staff with be trained to provide treatment to other areas cleared by the FDA.

How is Delivery of CoolSculpting® Different at Spa Radiance?

Our CoolSculpting® clients are treated in an oasis of relaxation, similar to that of our day spa. Spa Radiance offers a comfortable, calming and soothing atmosphere, including pillows, complimentary snacks, TV, Netflix and Wi-Fi.

Spa Radiance has two systems. We can perform treatments in half of the time required by other area practices. Patients can pop in for an appointment, enjoy a soothing environs, and head off to their lives faster than at any other area practice.

Our CoolSculpting® experts go above and beyond to provide exceptional care to patients. Contact Spa Radiance Medical Spa to experience the difference with our CoolSculpting® experts.

*Results may vary. The treatment is ideal for individuals 10 to 20 pounds away from their desired weight goal.